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Financial Literacy Workshop Series

Financial Literacy Workshop Series


Financial Literacy Series — 5 Week Course.

43% of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. Are you in that group? Have you saved a little but wonder how a few thousand dollars in that dusty IRA will do anything for you when you’re 80?

Do you have a sense of dread about money? Do you hear stories (myths?) of people retiring early or paying for their kids’ college in full and wonder what magical money tree they invented? Do you feel mystified by how to save for retirement or enslaved by the idea that you have to work 100 hours/week to build up your emergency fund? Do you wake up sweaty at night because you don’t have an emergency fund?

End your night sweats and sense of impending doom by attending Cohere’s extra-affordable series on financial literacy. We’ve gathered up a diverse crew of experts and DIYers to break down the basics and put you on a path to saving and smart spending.

In this low-stress, high impact series, you’ll learn to identify your greatest money values, marvel at how select frugal decisions can change your life, find out what the heck a financial planner does (and if only rich people use them), get an in-depth look at budgeting software and learn a secret formula for balancing work with leisure.

Who should attend? Literally anyone. If you are riddled with credit card debt or feeling pretty good about your savings, you’ll find nuggets of information in these workshops.

Thursday, January 24th 12:15pm

Class One: Why is Money Important to you?

I can hear your eyes rolling back in your skull at this seemingly rhetorical question. I need money to live. To pay my mortgage/rent, to eat, to exist, to buy clothes and feel secure. Of course you do. We all do but there’s a simple exercise to help you determine your ultimate goal and value around money so you can feel motivated to make real changes and stop worrying about money forever.

Presenter: Angel Kwiatkowski, Founder of Cohere Coworking and technically unemployable

Claim to fame: used this method to get debt free in 3.75 years to pay off college/car loans and buying her first house all while making from $23,000-$34,500/year with $300 dollars in savings. Or, how I ate turkey sandwiches for 3 years and lived to teach a class about it.

Key Takeaways:

-results of your money values exercise to motivate lasting change

-how to do a fool-proof (yet moderately annoying) spending plan that will change your habits for good and shed light on where you are hemorrhaging money every day

Thursday January 31st 12:15 pm

Class Two: Frugality & Abundance

Have you ever heard a story about some infuriating person retiring when they are in their 30s or 40s or 50s? This Coherian has been diligently honing his savings skills since high school and now travels the country full time in an RV and only works a little on projects he really cares about and honestly, to keep his brain from going kaput. He’ll share his savings philosophy and best tips and tricks for living on the edge of the dime so the world could become his oyster.

Presenter: Kevin Udy, SEO Expert and Extreme Penny Pincher

Claim to Fame: Saved enough to mostly retire at the age of 35.

Key Takeaways:

-introduction/quick history

-penny pinching vs. value based spending

-exercising your frugality muscles

-frugality and privilege

-using time & effort in place of money (example: travel hacking)

-benefits of a DIY mindset

-buying choice & freedom

Participants will take away a number of article/book/blog/podcast recommendations and a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and benefits of frugality, as well as the role frugality can play in your financial life.

Wednesday, February 6th, 12:15pm

Class Three: The Time Vs. Money Paradox

Society wants us to believe we can’t have both and that we have to live our lives trapped, choosing between time OR money. But, what if we took a fresh perspective and re-thought our loathsome relationship with these two forces of scarcity. Can we have our cake and find time to eat it too? What if we focused on our calendar instead of our bank account, could we make ends-meet? Is it always a trade-off? How do these forces impact our happiness? Why am I trying to save money? What am I gaining by trading my days away?

Presenter: Jeff Engell

Claim to Fame: Still has the first dollar he ever made.

Key Takeaways:

Participants will get an easy to use tool for elevating their 'Coherence' in their relationship with this tricky tug-o-war.

Wednesday, February 13th 12:15pm

Class Four: Do You REALLY Need a Budget?

Is living paycheck to paycheck causing you to be a constant state of exhaustion or worse, panic? Do you wish there was an easier way to track and get control over your money? Have you ever given your money a job to do? Learn how FOUR rules can overhaul your pocketbook.

Presenter: Natalie Sterling, Customer Support Specialist at You Need a Budget and Minimalist

Claim to Fame: Making fashion affordable or How I Find Deals on Clothes at the Grocery Store. Or With a budget, I went from living paycheck to paycheck with no real savings to purposefully saving for retirement and an epic trip to Europe.

Key Takeaways:

-see how setting up a budget can be a lot more exciting than an Excel spreadsheet

-learn how a budget puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your money

-get a free 3 month trial to You Need a Budget

Tuesday, February 19th 12:15pm

Class Three: Financial Planning and Planners

During our research we learned that many people believe financial planners are only for those who ARE ALREADY WEALTHY and need help managing their massive account because they can’t possibly be bothered with shuffling all those stocks and bonds while they summer in Bali. We’re bringing in the most relatable, down-to-earth financial planner to smash this perception and learn how to leverage these amazing people for the financial win.

Presenter: Sigrid Daugaard, Certified Financial Planner

Claim to Fame:  Don’t shout “Show Me The Money” at her. She was overseas for all of the 80s and 90s so pop culture references never land.

Key Takeaways:

-The differences between financial planners and how to pick one that works best for you

-Basics of Financial Planning, how to build and maintain your financial plan  

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