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Professional Panel Moderator Angel Kwiatkowski

Angel as Moderator and Facilitator

Take your panel from Yawn to YAY!

Unsurprisingly for a coworking expert and burgeoning drummer, Angel Kwiatkowski is a master at keeping groups of people on course. It also doesn’t hurt that she HAS a master’s in Education and Human Resources concentrating on Organizational Performance and Change. An in-demand presenter, Angel occasionally accepts speaking engagements, but she enjoys and excels at facilitating meetings, charrettes, convenings, jam sessions, brainstorming sessions and more, and she is particularly adept at acting as a panel moderator. Pleasant yet provocative, she asks thoughtful questions, values listening, gives everyone a voice and gets you to the church on time (pure gold in terms of meeting planning). Presentation and facilitation efforts Angel has directed include:

2011 Coworking Conference Austin Token Female Panelist for The Future of Work

2011 Ignite Austin at SXSW Presenter: The Four Futures of Coworking

2011 Colorado State University Scenario Planning Community of Practice

2012-present Cotivation Group Accountability Facilitator/Trainer

2012-2014 Facilitated the growth and progress of one small human

2014 Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) Kansas City Panel Presenter, Panel Moderator

2015 Cohere Bandwidth Fort Collins Focus Group Facilitation

2015 GCUC Canada Toronto Speaker

2016 GCUC Canada Montreal Panel Moderator

2016 Startup Week Fort Collins Panel Moderator

2017 GCUC Canada Vancouver Panel Moderator, Panel Presenter

2017 SheLeads Group Facilitation

2017 Graphic Design Community Focus Group Facilitation

2017 FoCoMX Musician Sessions Panel Moderator (3 sessions)

2017 Neighborhood Grant Event Facilitator

2017 Downtown Development Authority's Liaison to the Downtown Business Association

2018 Startup Week Fort Collins: Supercharge Your Business Panel Moderator

Angel actually pays attention to what people say, asks insightful follow-up questions, fosters a real conversation and challenges people to get past the talking points and open up. Which is to say, she’s a great moderator.
— Tony Bacigalupo, Founder New Work Cities New York, NY