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Apply to Sell Your Coworking Products With Us

We are the #1 gathering place for the highest quality coworking specific resources for diy, bootstrapped, independent operators and community managers. Here’s how it works:

We provide:

  • the platform and audience

  • all the back-end nonsense of creating and maintaining your resource at

  • customer service to buyers who need help downloading or finding their resource after purchase

  • 80% of each sale of your product goes straight to you--up yours, Amazon!

  • when possible and it makes sense, we write a round-up blog post of items similar to yours with a call to action to buy yours at the end

  • a featured place in a newsletter to our audience in the "new and noteworthy" section with a button to buy

  • quarterly payments via check or paypal with a screenshot of your sales for the period

You provide: 

  • 1-6 images of the product for the listing

  • a pdf copy of the resource that customers will receive digitally after they purchase

  • copy that describes the resource for use on the product description

  • pricing that is identical to other sites where your resource is listed (amazon, your own site)

We are taking applications for new coworking products now.

Let’s cowork together on this!

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