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Coworking Events for Tired Community Managers

Community managers in the most self-actualized, activated communities can get exhausted by pulling off one event after another. *I* get tired of putting on events. Rather than stop entirely and jetting off on some getaway deal with Southwest to Tacoma, here is a list of low-cost, minimal effort, high impact events even the most sleep-deprived community manager can coordinate.

Drive-Thru Donuts only attempt this event if you have a drive-thru donut purveyor on your way your coworking space. Remember, we are LAZY and if you have to get out of your car at 7am, it's not worth it.  In fact, I can't even type how to do this because it takes too much energy so here is a video I made one day...back in the days when I had pep to spare. Get the free guide to doing donuts.

Potlucks Of Any Kind a potluck is the secret weapon of any weary community manager. I enjoy a potluck where I do absolutely nothing other than announce we're having a potluck. Sometimes I bring the "base" like lettuce for the salad or meat for the tacos and then the members bring all the toppings. There is a small element of DANGER in these events b/c the community might overlook bringing some key ingredient like BACON or CHEESE. This mistake only happens once. If you want your members to self-organize, withhold cheese at a taco potluck and they'll whip up a google doc sign-up sheet for the next event faster than you can say COLLABORATION. Get the free guide to potlucks.

Happy Hour As A POTLUCK if you have a drive-thru liquor store on the way from your home to your coworking space, then by all means buy the beer yourself. If not, your happy hours are now billed as "Bring your favorite beverage or snack to share!" Depending on how well you know your community, you may have a couple of members who just "can't even" when it comes to getting to the store to buy literally anything. Offer them the opportunity to buy their way out of bringing something by pitching $5 your way. It'll fund your future donut day. See above.


Going Out to Lunch Don't overlook THE most simple event and pay someone to prepare your food and walk it to your table. Every coworking community has a neighborhood haunt. If you have an extra cup of coffee some day and find your strength, just plan a recurring lunch out at that same restaurant every month. Easy peasy, lemon-water-no-ice squeezy.

Cotivation Groups this method definitely falls into the "long-con" of member engagement but I highly recommend you start hosting weekly accountability sessions using this tried and true method called Cotivation. After facilitating several rounds of Cotivation myself, my members have taken the wand? Torch? And have started organizing and hosting their own sessions, WHICH I AM UTTERLY NOT INVOLVED IN. Here are some Coherians creating engaging events for themselves and I'M NOT IN THE ROOM. In fact, I think I was out to lunch when this happened. Magic.

The complete Cotivation Facilitator's Guide is now available!!

What other minimal effort activities have you found to work well in your coworking communities? If you want more tips and tricks for starting and running coworking spaces, check out this ebook I wrote, which was DEFINITELY NOT minimal effort.