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The Coworking Secret I Use Every Day

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Did you know there's a thing that will form the basis of all of your coworking space marketing, content creation and tours for the rest of your coworking community's life? I've owned and operated Cohere for over seven years and I use it over and over again and I've never told anyone what it is.


I haven't been holding out on everyone, it just became habit because I share it with EVERYONE.  I just forgot to teach ANYONE how to do it.

If you're starting a coworking space right now, you're already creating this amazing thing. It's called Your Origin Story and I think it might be my number one top secret weapon.

Your Origin Story answers the question: how did you start XYZ Coworking Space? 

An honest and compelling origin story makes you memorable, relatable and authentic and if I've learned anything it's that people LOVE a good story.

My Origin Story starts with trauma and has plenty of twists and turns and then shows how coworking changed my life. It starts like this, "Well, I had just been fired from what I thought was my dream job and was adrift in the universe. I spent all of autumn reading the entire Harry Potter series under a blanket on my porch."

Do you want to hear the rest? I bet you do. Everyone loves a good train wreck and I had that in spades before I heard about coworking.

Before you do anything else, you need to write down your Origin Story. It needn't be comprehensive but you need to start recording some really important details from day one of your coworking business launch so you don't forget them later.

Grab some paper. Here are some questions help you develop Your Origin Story:

What kind of pain were you in before you started coworking?

Where were you when you first learned about coworking?

How did you feel when you started researching coworking?

Who showed up to your first event? What did you talk about?

Why are you uniquely suited to have a coworking community?

If you've already opened: who are your founding members? Who stood by you as you started this crazy idea? What did you do on opening day? Who showed up? What was your favorite part?

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