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Recap: Women Who Cowork Retreat 2018

AMAZEBOOBS. That's all I can really say about the first ever Women Who Cowork retreat held at Soma Vida in Austin, TX. I've been sworn to secrecy about the actual goings-ons at this event but I do have some tidbits and teasers I CAN share.


Getting to know one another and helping each other on the WWC Facebook group is ONE thing. Hugging, making eye contact and loving on one another IN PERSON is a whole other thing. Sound familiar? Much like the work we do with our IRL coworking communities, we practiced what we preach by coming together in person to connect. Thank you to Iris and Laura for catalyzing this opportunity for us all. 

23 women from the United States and Canada attended this inaugural event. Here are my SEVEN POINT ONE key takeaways from this incredible gathering of women.

ONE: Felena Hanson. I have secretly admired her from afar for almost a decade. She shared her story, how Herahub came to be and gave us a peak behind the curtain of her success. I found her incredibly relatable, warm, genuine and frankly, she has impeccable style.

TWO: Ashley Proctor. I have had the honor of being in closed audiences with Ashley for years and every time I hear her story I'm struck by how incredibly resilient and persistent AF she is. When Ashley wants something done, she works at it relentlessly until it is achieved even if it means getting told "no" 25 times.

THREE: Liz Elam. This retreat reminded me how much I love Liz. To the point, candid and refreshing AF Liz taught us how to negotiate. I can't reveal the secrets here but if you get a cocked-head-dead-shark-eyes-stare from me in the future--just know that I'm practicing on you and you WILL bend to my will.

FOUR: Cat Johnson. Goddammit Cat. Stop. Making. Me. Cry every time we're in the same time-zone. Cat is so incredibly authentic and shares so much of her heart. Cat taught us EVEN MORE about creating content that matters. Head over to the Coworking Content Alliance Facebook group and join.

Photo by Amy King of Good Work Dallas, TX

Photo by Amy King of Good Work Dallas, TX

FIVE: Daryn DeZengotita. Keep your eye on this one. Daryn is doing some of the most important work I can think of right now and that's bringing coworking into underutilized churches. Also, she makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and I value that over almost anything.

FIVE POINT ONE: We discussed what happens when you take god out of church and take desks out of coworking. Guess what?! It's the same damn thing. It's people, connection, support and community. Will coworking be the new church? I think it will--no matter your religious beliefs.

SIX: The way women show up TOGETHER is so, so, so, so different than we show up in mixed gender groups. How can we change or amplify this for our benefit?

SEVEN: Paging Deskmag! We have some revisions to the world coworking history timeline. Please see Laura Shook for corrections and addition of female names to that well-read albeit incomplete timeline.

All in all, I am so happy that I took a chance and reworked my schedule to attend this. Keep your eye on Women Who Cowork and be sure to sign up for their next event.

Photo by Melissa Saubers of Cowork Waldo Kansas City, MO

Photo by Melissa Saubers of Cowork Waldo Kansas City, MO