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White Paper on Remote Work: Winning the War for Talent

White Paper on Remote Work: Winning the War for Talent


A first-of-its-kind white paper to convince your employer to pay for a coworking membership. If you are a coworking space manager, you can purchase this resource ONCE and use it as many times as you like to give to employers or prospective members.


“With an expected global remote work population of 1 billion people by 2020, companies should feel a sense of urgency in readying their organizational structures for the reality of remote work on a mass scale.” -Kristin Wilson, MAQTOOB for Entrepreneurs.

Coworking spaces are shared offices that double as community hubs for the distributed workforce.

Global coworking membership is projected to reach over 5 million by 2022. Companies hoping to win the “war for talent” are embracing this new style of work as a strategic tool that will help them attract — and keep — the best and brightest remote workers.

A 2018 survey of remote workers in seven mid-sized American cities found that coworking significantly increases productivity, motivation and job satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing feelings of loneliness. Remote employees who have access to a coworking stipend are more likely to experience these benefits.

Coworking delivers quantifiable benefits for employers as well. Among them, workspace flexibility, reduced real estate costs, and the retention of top talent. Conversely, companies that refuse to offer a coworking stipend are seen as insensitive to the unique challenges of remote work and unconcerned with employee well-being.

Proper implementation of a coworking stipend policy for remote workers is key for success. This paper discusses the process of setting a monthly maximum, establishing reimbursement infrastructure and effectively communicating reimbursal rules to remote employees.

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